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the problem

I joined the WorldClass team to completely revamp their outdated website that underperformed in key metrics such as Page Views and Average Time on Page Per User. The website lacked user-friendly navigation and appeared hastily put together without a clear understanding of what motivated their target audience to take action.

Additionally, I found the images and copy confusing. They gave the impression of a travel and lifestyle agency rather than accurately representing the company as a wholesale foods distributor.

As part of the small but determined marketing team, I drew upon my previous experience at Mobilize.ai, working with limited resources, to devise a successful redesign strategy.

my approach

After assessing the website and business objectives, I decided to meet with the marketing team and CEO to understand how to effectively present WorldClass online.

During this process, I discovered that WorldClass stands out for its quality control and supply chain, which enable it to bring cultural delicacies from around the world to US restaurants. With these unique selling points in mind, I would design and develop the new website.

Next, I focused on understanding WorldClass's target customers: restaurant owners and head chefs. By empathizing with them, I aimed to address their concerns and doubts when browsing our website. My goal was to position WorldClass as the solution to their most pressing problems.

To ensure alignment with the team, I would present mockups for approval before proceeding with website development. Once the new site was built, I would analyze data from Google Analytics and Hotjar, a heatmap software, to test my hypotheses.

Based on the insights gained, I would make iterative improvements to enhance the user experience until we achieved the desired metrics.

key objectives

• Collaborate with Marketing Team and CEO to define WorldClass' web presence vision.

• Develop user-friendly information architecture for seamless website navigation.

• Enhance website aesthetics to match the high-class nature of the business and target users.

• Build trust and reputation through quality control values and leveraging social proof.

• Analyze data to test and iterate on design hypotheses for continuous improvement.

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research & discovery

understanding the user

Through discussions with the team, I learned that our primary users, restaurant owners and head chefs, are busy and hesitant to change their menu if their restaurant is already successful. To cater to their packed schedules, I need to simplify the website's user experience and information architecture, making it easy for them to fill out a contact form inquiry - our main objective.

To overcome their resistance to change, we must position ourselves as a way for their customers to experience cultural delicacies without traveling abroad. Additionally, showcasing other successful restaurants in their area using our products will create social proof, motivating them to stay competitive and innovative.

competitive analysis

I discovered that Sysco is the industry standard in marketing and distributing food to restaurants, so I extensively studied their website to uncover valuable insights.

Sysco's website effectively communicates how their products and services lead to business success. It features images of farmers and chefs, conveying a successful yet down-to-earth vibe. The website also emphasizes sustainability and community involvement, highlighting their positive impact on the world. By partnering with Sysco, businesses can benefit both financially and environmentally.

Sysco is a huge company with a strong reputation, making it challenging to compete directly. Instead, we need to leverage our brand's unique message, specialty foods, and an elegant website to attract our target users and win their business.



working with Webflow

Developing a site in Webflow offers speed, customizability, and was the ideal solution for the WorldClass project. By harnessing Webflow's power, I created an amazing website that was clean, inviting, and highly targeted towards our users.

beautiful on every screen

testing & optimization

By analyzing user behavior with Hotjar's heatmap tool, I confirmed that the new About page was the second most clicked navigation item after the products page. This reinforced the need for better explanation due to our relative anonymity in the competitive hospitality industry.

Screenshot of heatmap showing the high frequency of clicks on the new WorldClass About page (menu item within the red circle).

With this knowledge, I launched a new About page to address the confusion around WorldClass's business model. Drawing inspiration from Sysco's website, I emphasized our sustainability efforts and showcased an interactive global map highlighting our ability to provide unique cultural delicacies.

Screenshot of the interactive global map on the WorldClass About page. Hovering over each location marker reveals the link to the country's future landing page where the user can learn more about its unique cultural delicacies (example shown is Argentine.com).

User Feedback

Mobilize design system 1

design system


Increase in Total Users Per Day: 119 to 263 (Sep 1, 2022 - May 1, 2023)
Increase in Average Time on Page Per User (seconds): 35 to 82 (Sep 1, 2022 - May 1, 2023)
Increase in Page Views Per Day: 167 to 447 (Sep 1, 2022 - May 1, 2023)
Increase in Organic Traffic Per Day: 10 to 85 (Sep 1, 2022 - May 1, 2023)


client testimonial

Nick brought a unique perspective and completely revolutionized our online presence.

"Mobilize’s web presence and UX design was of particular concern to the company. We interviewed many UX designers but none of them had the unique approach that Nick presented. Once awarded the design contract, he approached the UX and site design from a consumer’s viewpoint. He also focused on the sales team’s needs to educate potential clients in advance of a sales interaction. We have increased sales to a point that a new sales team division was formed just to handle the new sales brought in due to his UX design and methodologies. We are excited about the opportunities he has brought to us via his work and vision."

Image of Natascha Perez, COO of Mobilize
- Natascha Perez, COO of Mobilize.ai