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the problem

Mobilize is a futuristic AI agency specializing in voice solutions for customer service and B2B marketing. Their outdated 2015 website needed a modern update to meet customer expectations. As the sole UX Designer, I had the challenge of starting from scratch without a design system or style guide. This project was my first real-world design experience and carried significant responsibility for the brand refresh.

my approach

In the coming months, I led a brand overhaul for Mobilize, ensuring their online presence matched their innovative CX technology. Starting as a former sales representative, I focused on addressing common objections of potential customers. With this knowledge, I designed the website to alleviate doubts about AI call center technology. After conducting initial research and drafting the new site, I tested it with real users to gather feedback. This allowed me to improve the design and remove any unnecessary friction, aiming for increased contact form submissions.

key objectives

  • Lead brand refresh and align business objectives with website design.
  • Create informative website copy for Mobilize's AI solutions.
  • Collaborate with Sales team and COO to address common objections.
  • Establish a comprehensive Design System for efficient site updates.
  • Apply UX training and knowledge in practical projects.
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research & discovery

understanding the user

To start my research, I met with the company's COO to discuss the key objections the new site needed to address. Here are a few important ones:

  • AI voice solutions sounding robotic; people preferring human interaction.
  • Questioning the need for significant investment when the business is already profitable.
  • Differentiating from competitors offering cheaper alternatives.

The COO and I agreed that the most significant challenge was overcoming the perception that AI in call centers is impractical due to its robotic nature. I recognized the importance of presenting AI as human-like to ensure the success of the website revamp.

competitive analysis

After researching, I found that IBM had the ideal model for a successful AI Customer Service website. IBM excelled at presenting customer service from the user's perspective, addressing common issues such as long wait times and lack of personalization. They effectively showcased their AI service as a practical and efficient solution with a stunning, modern design. Inspired by their expertise in user psychology, I aimed to replicate their approach in Mobilize's new website.


With the website's structure in mind, I used Adobe XD to design the initial mockups, targeting our users' main pain points: reducing costs, improving customer experience, and ensuring data security.


working with Webflow

The primary benefits of developing a site in Webflow are the speed and customizability of the build. Given the timeline and complexity of the Mobilize project, I knew Webflow was the perfect solution. By leveraging the power of this technology, I was able to develop an incredible website that was clean, inviting, and highly focused on the user.

beautiful on every screen

testing & optimization

With a functional website online, I proceeded to test my design with real users via interviews. I recruited 6 participants for my study and held moderated in-person interviews to measure the usability of my newly launched website. See the comments of the study’s participants below:

User Feedback

Mobilize design system 1

design system


Increase in conversion rate (based on appointments booked per 100 visitors).
Increase in monthly revenue 60 days after launch (accounted for more than $380,000 in sales).
Increase in performance score (calculated using Google's Page Speed Insights tool for desktop devices).
Project Return on Investment


After reviewing user feedback and witnessing the impressive results of the redesign, I proudly declare my first real-world project a success. As the sole designer, the challenge pushed me to produce my best work and learn valuable lessons for my UX career. Key takeaways include learning from the sales team, conducting thorough competitive research, and listening attentively to users' feedback. For successful designs, it is crucial to set aside ego and beliefs. As AI technology advances rapidly, adaptable companies will thrive. I hope that Mobilize evolves alongside this technology.

client testimonial

Nick brought a unique perspective and completely revolutionized our online presence.

"Mobilize’s web presence and UX design was of particular concern to the company. We interviewed many UX designers but none of them had the unique approach that Nick presented. Once awarded the design contract, he approached the UX and site design from a consumer’s viewpoint. He also focused on the sales team’s needs to educate potential clients in advance of a sales interaction. We have increased sales to a point that a new sales team division was formed just to handle the new sales brought in due to his UX design and methodologies. We are excited about the opportunities he has brought to us via his work and vision."

Image of Natascha Perez, COO of Mobilize
- Natascha Perez, COO of Mobilize.ai