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mobilize case study

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about the project

Mobilize is a futuristic artificial intelligence agency specializing in voice solutions for customer service and B2B marketing. Their old website was created half a decade ago and needed an update to compete with the modern, user-friendly websites customers had come to expect.

Being a previous employer of mine, I decided to reach out to the company in hopes that my knowledge of their industry would differentiate me from the competition. It was an obvious fit and I became their first UX Designer.

The challenge, however, stemmed from the absence of any design system or style guide which meant I would have to start from scratch. Over the coming months, I led a complete brand overhaul to ensure their online presence was as innovative and modern as their CX technology.

key contributions

• Led the creative direction for the site revamp and translated the company's objectives into a digital product.

• Designed and developed Mobilize's website using Adobe xD and Webflow, respectively.

• Provided all website content aimed at educating users on Mobilize's a.i. solutions.

• Standardized the design process to streamline future site iterations.


Increase in conversion rate (based on appointments booked per 100 visitors).
Increase in monthly revenue 60 days after launch (accounted for more than $380,000 in sales).
Increase in performance score (calculated using Google's Page Speed Insights tool for desktop devices).
Project Return on Investment

research & discovery

To begin my research, I sat down with the company's COO and went over a list of the most common objections the new site would need to address. Here are a few I honed in on:

• AI voice solutions sound too robotic. People want to talk to a real person and not a machine.

• Why spend thousands of dollars on this when my business is already profitable?

• What makes your product different from competitors who offer a more affordable alternative?

The COO and I agreed that the most threatening objection to overcome was the fact that people viewed AI as too robotic and therefore impractical to use in a call center setting. I understood that in order to make this website revamp successful, I had to sell a.i. to be as human as possible.


With the basic structure of the website in mind, I turned to Adobe xD to create the first round of designs. They strategically aimed at addressing our target users' primary pain points which were:

• To reduce fixed and variable costs with a digital solution.

• To provide a more consistent and reliable customer experience.

• To ensure their customers' information was secure.

My extensive research of websites taught me the importance of a strong hero section - the part of the home page that is critical to capturing visitors' attention. I designed several iterations and presented it to the COO for her thoughts. Here's a look at a few of those designs.

Mobilize hero image 1
Mobilize hero image 2
Mobilize hero image 3
Mobilize hero section 4


presenting new solutions

Initially, the team believed the best option would be to continue using their current CMS, Wordpress, as many businesses utilize it and its popular page builder Elementor to create their websites. I presented my concerns about the limitations of the platform to the COO who eventually agreed that my alternative, Webflow, would best meet the business' needs.

working with Webflow

The primary benefits of developing a site in Webflow are the speed and customizability of the build. Given the timeline and complexity of the Mobilize project, I knew Webflow was the perfect solution. By leveraging the power of this technology, I was able to develop an incredible website that was clean, inviting, and highly focused on the user.

beautiful on every screen

testing & optimization

With a functional website online, I proceeded to test my design with real users via interviews. I recruited 6 participants for my study and held moderated in-person interviews to measure the usability of my newly launched website.

User Feedback

marketing materials

Mobilize's website revamp was complete but its marketing materials were still outdated and did not accurately represent the new brand initiative. The COO and I concluded that revising the company's one pager, a presentation that is sent to potential clients, was the best use of our limited time. One critical flaw with the old one pager was that it failed to present complicated content in a simple and concise way. Since a.i. technology is quite complex, I decided it would be most effective to keep the information on the presentation to a minimum while enticing the reader to learn more by contacting the company.

Mobilize design system 1

Design system

client testimonial

Nick brought a unique perspective and completely revolutionized our online presence.

"Mobilize’s web presence and UX design was of particular concern to the company. We interviewed many UX designers but none of them had the unique approach that Nick presented. Once awarded the design contract, he approached the UX and site design from a consumer’s viewpoint. He also focused on the sales team’s needs to educate potential clients in advance of a sales interaction. We have increased sales to a point that a new sales team division was formed just to handle the new sales brought in due to his UX design and methodologies. We are excited about the opportunities he has brought to us via his work and vision."

Image of Natascha Perez, COO of Mobilize
- Natascha Perez, COO of Mobilize.ai